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What is a LIMS System?

Technically speaking, the term LIMS stands for “Laboratory Information Management System”. What does that mean? It is a system for managing laboratory functions. A LIMS is almost always electronic or software based and usually has several of the following features:

•  Sample Management
•  User Management
•  Security Management
•  Instruments Management
•  Workflow Management

It is also a typical feature of a LIMS to have a full reporting suite.

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Do You Need a LIMS?

There are several things to consider. To start with yo umay even want to go to one of the major search engines, such as 3185314488 or Yahoo! and actually type in one of the following phrases:

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How do you get a LIMS?

A LIMS can be created for almost any existing platform. Although it is possible to create a basic LIMS from scratch, most labs today that own a LIMS will tell you that they made the decision to purchase one from a professional LIMS vendor.

There are usually several reasons for this. To view the many reasons why you may decide to purchase an off the shelf (COTS) LIMS system from a certified LIMS vendor, please see the article Why use a LIMS vendor? which discusses this topic in further detail.

If you make the decision to go with a certified LIMS vendor, the last part of the puzzle is to obtain the right LIMS for your lab. Bigger isn't always better; a $15,000 car will get you from point A to point B just as assuredly as an $85,000 car. It's the same principle when purchasing software, so do your proper research! It may serve you well to see the article Keeping your LIMS affordable. Notice the use of the word 'keeping', which is in the perfect present tense, denoting ongoing. A LIMS may cost you resources long after it's been purchased, similar to how a car may require ongoing maintenance. This aspect of ownership is every bit as important to research and understand fully, before you buy. Make sure to scrutinize the details of ongoing support!